Twitter Participation Guide

MDSD4Health uses Twitter to facilitate discussion. Here are a few ways to (optionally) join the conversation.

Thought Prompts

Some modules contain thought prompts and an invitation to Tweet your ideas to us on Twitter using certain hashtags. If you feel comfortable doing so, we invite you to tag us!


Use Hashtags

In each thought prompt, we provide a relevant hashtag or two to connect with others sharing thoughts about the same topic. On Twitter, you can search for hashtags to find others Tweeting about the same topic.

General Hashtags


Module 1 Hashtags



Module 2 Hashtags




Module 3 Hashtags


Module 4 Hashtags



Here are two Twitter Lists that include some neat people to follow.

Twitter users who developed or published a proposed model or dataset disclosure (MDSD) method featured in MDSD4Health

Twitter accounts for the creators and platforms we reference in MDSD4Health

New to Twitter?

If you're new to Twitter and don't know where to start, check out Twitter's Getting Started Guide!